jueves, 7 de febrero de 2013

Create Active Directory Snapshot with ntdsutils

If you want to create a Active Directory Snapshot, you can use ntdsutils.
Go to a Powershell or cmd window and write ntdsutil -> snapshot
Activate the instance for AD with activate instance ntds command
Finally create the snapshot with create command

Install, Configure and Remove a Read Only Domain Controler RODC

When you need to install a domain controler in a brach office that sometimes have connectivity network problems or a domain controler that you cant administrate, you can install a RODC or Read Only Domain Controler. This Domain Controler is only for read, you cant create new users, computer or other in this server, but if you install this server in a branch office, the users and computer in this place, the people can login in their computers and obtein other benefits.

First of all you need to ensure that your funtional level domain is 2008 or higher.

You have two options for install this type of Domain Controlers.

Windows 2012 Rol Windows Deployment Service

Windows Deployment Service is a rol allow you to deploy Operating Systems in computers which dont have  any Operating System installed.

First of all you need to have installed in your domain ADDS, DNS, DHCP and a NTFS volumen where you store the image.

Later you need to install the rol Windows Deployment Service in a Server in your company.

When the installation finish, go to Server Manager -> Tools -> Windows Deployment Service. The first time the app isn´t configurated. 

miércoles, 6 de febrero de 2013

Change default OU when you add a computer to your domain

When you add a computer in your domain, always it goes to Computer OU. For example, this will be a problem because you can apply any Policy to this OU. If you want to solve this problem you can create a new OU in your AD.


I create the OU NewComputers. Now I need to do a redirect in AD for all computers that I add to the domain goes directly to NewComputers. This is the command:

redircmp ou=NewOU dc=domain,dc=com

The next computer that you add to domain gone to the OU that you specify in the command redircmp.

Windows 2012 Minimal Server Interface

We know that Windows Server have 2 differents versions, the standard with Graphical mode and the Core Edition. But in Windows 2012 Server you can make an intermediate version behind graphical and core. This version is named Minimal Server Interface. This version is a mix. It version have the adventages that a core edition but make easy your work because it have same graphical options like Server Manager.
If you want to convert a Graphical mode in Minimal Server Interface you need to remove the feature Server Graphical Shell, and if you have a Core edition you need to add Graphical Management Tools and Infraestructure

WINSxS Folder

WINSxS is a folder inside C:\Windows. In this folder the Operating System have all roles and features that you can to install and unistall in your system.

If you have space problem in your system you can remove same of this exes and save some space in your computer. For example, you want to remove the exec from GUI shell you can exec this command

Uninstall-Feature Server-GUI-Shell -Remove

Whit the option -REMOVE, you delete the installation folder for this Feature. If in the future you want to install this feature, there isn´t any problem, because if you launch Install-Feature, windows server try to find the installation packet in the WINSxS folder, if this folder isnt in WINSxS, the system download from Windows Update. If you dont have internet you can use the option -SOURCE and install this from a CD with Windows server 2012.

miércoles, 26 de diciembre de 2012

Exchange 2013, Basic Configuration

When we have finish installing Exchange 2013, we need to make a basic configuration.
For this, we will go to (EAC) Exchange Admin Center 2013, and login with a administrator user.

First of all, we go to MAIL FLOW where we can configure the receipt mail. Ensure that all yours domains are on the list ACCEPTED DOMAINS like in this picture

martes, 25 de diciembre de 2012

Add or Remove Interface Windows 2012

Windows 2012 Server have a new Feature that allow you turn a server with interface in a core server and a core server turn in a Server with interface.

I have a server with interface. I have configure all features in a server, and I want to turn it in a core server. Thereby, the server consumes fewers resources.

There are two modes to remove GUI in a windows 2012 server.

1. Go to Add or Remove Features and remove

viernes, 21 de diciembre de 2012

Exchange 2013 Manager Console

When you finish the Exchange 2013 installation  ( preprequisites and ExchangeSetup ) you go direct to look for the new Exchange Manager Console. If you go to the new windows screen where are all the programs you only can see this apps.
Exchange Management Shell: manage Exchange with PowerShell commands
Exchange Toolbox: enhances the Exchange Server with important security features like spam filter, virus scanner, email backup and a set of rules.

Where is the new Exchange 2013 Management Console?

Install Exchange 2013

In this post I´m going to show you how intall Exchange 2013. First of all, you need to intall all prerequisites and prepare AD. Here you have a post where I explain who you can do it.

Open the folder where you extract the exchange server setup or run the disk and select setup.exe

1. Select the option check updates and donwload it.