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Initial Configuration Windows 2012

After install Windows Server 2012, we need to configure the Server. Here there are a list with some recommendations.

1.Select the correct server name and add the computer into the domain (if you have one). The Server name is very important, and I recommend put a name that tell you the next characteristics:
- Location : 2 first leters the country
                  3 letter for the city
                  4 and 5, select a number for the office or floor where is the server. Starting with 01, 02 ...
- Rol         : 6 to x, an acronym that tell you what is the role for this server. (For example DC for a domain                          controler)
                 : a number that distinguishes the differents servers with the same role.

In this case, is the first domain controler in our company. We are in Dublin ( Ireland ). The name will be IRD01DC01

First of all we will go to Server Manager and Select " 1 Configure this local Server " (too easy)

 In Properties, we must select Computer Name

In this screen, select, Change and later we change the server name and add it into the domain

When we reset the computer, this will be in with the new name and inside the domain. We can change others options like, Windows Firewall, Disable Remote Management, Enable Remote Desktop, NIC Teaming, and configure the first Ip for the server. I recomend Enable the Remote Desktop for connect with our laptop in the server.

On the right options, we need to configure Windows Update

In this options I recomend to change the Time Zone and Activate the Product.

With this options, we have a initial configuration in our server

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