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Intalling Active Directory Domain Services

With Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) server role, you can create a scalable, secure, and manageable infrastructure for user and resource management, and provide support for directory-enabled applications such as Microsoft Exchange Server.
AD DS provides a distributed database that stores and manages information about network resources and application-specific data from directory-enabled applications. A server that is running AD DS is called a domain controller. Administrators can use AD DS to organize elements of a network, such as users, computers, and other devices, into a hierarchical containment structure. The hierarchical containment structure includes the Active Directory forest, domains in the forest, and organizational units (OUs) in each domain. (Microsoft Reference)

If we want to install a new Forest in a company we need to start with a Domain Controler. Start in Server Manager Console and select " Add roles and features

Select Role-bases installation

Select the server where we want install the rol

Select the options " Active Directory Domain Services" and "DNS Server". All domain need a DNS Server. We install twice roles at the same time

Next in Features

Wait the Installation

When the installation finish, we need to promote the Domain Controler Server. In the top of Service Manager, appear a flag with a warning. We select this and press in "Promote this server to a domain controller"

This is a new installation about a new forest, ( in other post I show you how to add a new domain controler in an existing forest). Select the last option and write the domain name, in our case is "domain.com"

Write a Directory Services Restore Mode Password. Dont forgot, its very important for restore the Active Directory.

Select default options in next windows.
In Paths you can change the location of the ADDS Database, Logs and Sysvol. Not necessary.

This is one scritp for install the domain controler with the similar options with powershell

When the installation is finished you can see this items in the new windows screen


Restart the server, and we can see in welcome screen that the credentials change with domain/user. The domain was intalled correctly

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