viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2012

Operation Master Roles

If we want to understand who work a Forest with its domains and its Domain Controlers we need to know how work the Opertaion Master Roles

There are five operations master roles manage single-master operations in AD DS.

Two operations master roles exist in each forest:

The Schema Master, which governs all changes to the schema.

The Domain Naming Master, which adds and removes domains to and from the forest.

In addition to the two forestwide operations master roles, three operations master roles exist in each domain:

The Primary Domain Controller (PDC) emulator. The PDC emulator processes all replication requests from Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 backup domain controllers and processes all password updates for clients that are not running Active Directory–enabled client software.

The Relative Identifier (RID) master. The RID master allocates RIDs to all domain controllers to ensure that all security principals have a unique identifier.

The Infrastructure Master. The infrastructure master for a given domain maintains a list of the security principals from other domains that are members of groups within its domain.

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