martes, 25 de diciembre de 2012

Add or Remove Interface Windows 2012

Windows 2012 Server have a new Feature that allow you turn a server with interface in a core server and a core server turn in a Server with interface.

I have a server with interface. I have configure all features in a server, and I want to turn it in a core server. Thereby, the server consumes fewers resources.

There are two modes to remove GUI in a windows 2012 server.

1. Go to Add or Remove Features and remove

2. Open a PowerShell and write
Remove-WindowsFeature Server-GUI-Shell and later

If you have a core server and you want to add a graphical Interface you need to open a PowerShell and write

Add-WindowsFeature Server-GUI-Shell and later
Restart-Computer to aply the changes

You need to know that Windows Server 2012 have 3 differents states:

GUI with Management Tools

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