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HD Pool in Windows 2012 and Virtual Disk with Fault Tolerance

In Windows 2012 you can configure a pool of hard disk and this pool can manage Fault Tolerance.
First of all, go to Server Manager -> File Storage Services -> Storage Pools and create a New Storage Pool

Add a name for this Pool

Add the hard disk to the pool

Now, we have new pool with the hd that we want. In my case, I add 5 disk with 5GB each disk. Now we can create differents Virtual Disk. In this example, we are going to create only one Virtual Disk, but you can create all virtual disk that you want while the pool have free space.
Right click on the Pool and select New Virtual Disk

Select the Pool that you want to use

This is one option that you can select for manage your virtual disk with Fault Tolerance. You have 3 options:
Simple: This is a stripe set without parity or mirroring by striping data across multiple disks, similar to RAID0
Mirror: This is a mirror set without striping or parity by duplicating data on two or three disks, similar to RAID1
Parity: This is a striped set with distributed parity by striping data and parity information across multiple disks, similar to RAID5

In Provisioning you can select Thin ( you can say that the storage have 2TB but this only contain 12GB, you can add hd later) or Fixed ( The volume uses the space from the storage poll equal to the volume size)

You can select that the Virtual Disk use the total size from the pool, or create a disk with a minor space than the pool resource.

When finish the wizard, this open automatically other wizard. In this new wizard you can create a New Volume with the Virtual Disk that we create before.

Select the Disk, put a letter for this, file system and label.

When the wizard finish, we have a new hard disk.

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