viernes, 21 de diciembre de 2012

Install Exchange 2013

In this post I´m going to show you how intall Exchange 2013. First of all, you need to intall all prerequisites and prepare AD. Here you have a post where I explain who you can do it.

Open the folder where you extract the exchange server setup or run the disk and select setup.exe

1. Select the option check updates and donwload it.

2. When the donwload files finish, the wizard start to copying files in your system

3. Use recommended Setting if you aren´t a advanded administrator and you prefer the wizard help

4. Select the Roles that you want to install in the server. In this case I select the 2 roles for install these in only one server
Mailbox server role.  This role stores mailbox data, performs processing and rendering for client connections proxied by the Client Access server, and handles Unified Messaging requests. Mailbox servers can be organized into back-end clusters that use database availability groups (DAGs).
Client Access server role. This role proxies connectivity for all clients, such as Microsoft Office Outlook, Outlook Web App, mobile devices, POP, and SMTP and also accepts mail from and delivers mail to other mail hosts on the Internet. Client access servers can be organized into Client Access server arrays.

The Exchange installation is too easy. In this post you can see how manage the new Exchange Manager Console.

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