jueves, 7 de febrero de 2013

Create Active Directory Snapshot with ntdsutils

If you want to create a Active Directory Snapshot, you can use ntdsutils.
Go to a Powershell or cmd window and write ntdsutil -> snapshot
Activate the instance for AD with activate instance ntds command
Finally create the snapshot with create command

You can create diferents snapshots every week or months with a schedule task. If you want to see all snapshots write list all.

Now we have a AD Snapshot. Now we test the Snapshot. First of all, I delete all users that start with A in Developers OU.

Mount the snapshot

With dsamian command, arm the AD snapshot in port that you want. In my case, port 50000

Go to ADDS and select Change domain -> This Domain Controler or AD LDS instance, and write the server where is the snapshot mount and the port that you wrote

When the ADDS open, you can see that the users are in Development OU. The problem is that you cant export the users, or computers but you can know which users were deleted and their properties.

Finally, find the mount snapshot and unmount it.

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