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Windows 2012 Rol Windows Deployment Service

Windows Deployment Service is a rol allow you to deploy Operating Systems in computers which dont have  any Operating System installed.

First of all you need to have installed in your domain ADDS, DNS, DHCP and a NTFS volumen where you store the image.

Later you need to install the rol Windows Deployment Service in a Server in your company.

When the installation finish, go to Server Manager -> Tools -> Windows Deployment Service. The first time the app isn´t configurated. 

Select server right click and launch Configure Server

Select the option if you want to install the server integrated with AD or Standalone mode

Configure if you want that repond all the clients computers in your lan, only know clients or any client. I select all computers in our Lan whith requuire administrator approval for unknow computers

Now the server is configurated, and you can see the server running and other folders.

First of all, we are going to create a boot image. For this, right click in Folder Boot Images and select Add Image Wizard. This Wizard ask you for a browse where is the file boot.win. I have one DVD with windows 2012 server and look for in the DVD the boot.wim file.

Write a Name for the Image file

When this wizard end, I can see the new image in Boot Image folder

Next, select right click in Install Images Folder and select Add Image Wizard. In the first window, if you dont have any group in Windows Deployment Service, create a new group and write a name for this

The next windows ask you for the image file. Look for this file in the DVD, and select install.wim.

How the DVD is a Windows 2012 with 4 versions, you can select the 4 versions or only 1.

Now you have one install package.

In ADDS delegate the control for the server with the WDS installed for create new computers.

In WDS, right click in Multicast Transmission and select create. With this wizard we start to configure the installation of clients. First of all, write a name for the transmission.

Select the image group and the image that you want to transmit.

Select the multicast type, automatic or scheduled.

Configure the client with the network like first boot, and restart the computer

The client load the files and later a small wizard appear to configure the locale, and keyboard.

You have your first image deploy in a new computer.

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